Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where Bandung will go??

That question sometime lingers on my mind which I think it's only natural given I am Bandung citizen who was born and grew up in Bandung. It is not a secret that Bandung is now a tourism destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. And it is also not a secret that the government pushing Bandung tourism sector to go forward. But this constantly makes me ask that question worriedly.

Where Bandung will go??

In my heart, I'm truly proud of Bandung become an increasingly popular tourism destination. Then why are you worried?? Because, in my personal opinion, behind the huge tourism potential, Bandung still has many shortcomings. For example, inadequate and not-well managed public transportation, no tourist information center, incredible traffic jams which always occur on weekends and holidays, and so forth.

Why so pessimistic??

I still have hope for this nation and country and also for Bandung. I am not pessimistic, I just feel that the government and all authorities are not sensitive to the negative impact of the encouraging of tourism sector.

Is this writing related to the Trans Studio Bandung newly opened last weekend??

Indirectly, yes. Actually I've been wanting to write about tourism in Bandung but the opening of Trans Studio Bandung has become my biggest motivation to make this writing. Behind all the positive news about the benefits and economic potential for Bandung (read: money), I am in a position between agreeing and disagreeing with this construction of this Trans Studio. I disagree with the construction of Trans Studio because Bandung is not ready yet. Yes.. in my opinion, Bandung is not ready yet. Wouldn't the citizens of Bandung upset to read this tweet from @infobdg?? Although the tweet was only an opinion, but many of Bandung residents are already complained about the power outage this weekend. What are the added value from Trans Studio for Bandung other than economic growth, traffic jams and power outages??

Then agree because of what?

Looking from the other side, this could force the government and authorities for the immediate response and action to overcome (seriously) all Bandung weaknesses in facing the increasingly large number of tourists that will visit Bandung.

Have any hopes for Bandung??

I look forward for Bandung that is convenient for the citizens life and activity.

Hmm.. I just remember the words of my friend some time ago when we talked about the corruption that increasingly happened in this beloved country. He said, more or less, "Do not wait for the attitudes and behavior of the government to become good, just continue to improving ourselves"

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