Friday, June 15, 2012

Nila's Birthday

Two days ago was our friend, Nila, birthday. And it was Ira's idea to say our birthday wishes in special tumblr pages, just for her.

Here here is what I have done from digging pictures from my archive and editing the pictures. It took me around 1 hour to make the concept and around 4 hours to edit the pictures and write the words. And for my personal achievement, I believe I have pushed myself to do more from my usual picture editing work. Well, I still only do very little and simple editing, but this time I have tried some more things.

Anyway here is my birthday wishes for Nila.

My dear friend Nila, I know you usually cringe to “cheesy” words. But please just hang on a little while, because there are for you :)

I wonder how many years we have know each other. I believe it’s short but sometime I feel I’ve known you for years.

And for your special day, I wish you will aim and reach high.

But I hope you keep your feet on the ground.

And no matter how much darkness around you, I hope you will always find the light. The light is always there.

And sing to your heart content till the end of time.

And may you shine.. always.

And don’t forget to make some wishes now

Have the happiest birthday my dear friend Nila!

Last but not least, Yin-Yin wants to thank you for your gifts to her. Unfortunately her hair is short now, but as soon as her hair gets longer, I will put the ribbon on her, and definitely she’ll give her “queen” smile for you.

Almost forget to this lady attraction to alcohol :D

So, have a toast Nila!

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